Yogiraj Bawa Sehaj Nath Ji

Raja salwan of Sialkot (now in Pakistan) had a son called Puran whose legend is known well in Punjab and beyond its boundaries in Afghanistan. According to its written folk tale “SANG PURAN BHAGAT” belonged to the lineage of King Vikramaditya, whose ancestors became the rulers of Sialkot.


Raja salwan had 2 queens, Ishran and Luna. Ishran was a normal devoted housewife older than Luna. The younger Luna was beautiful and smart. Being very pretty & young she was the darling of king. But Raja had a constant worry that he had no heir for his state.


However Ishran, being a devoted wife had deep rooted faith in her Guru Gorakh Nath, who had his teela in district Jhelum (in Pakistan). Co-incidentally being a wandering saint, he made a short stay near Sialkot. Saints and seers always keep moving for the people and their well being. They moved to withered garden with brown grass, but as they reached their, it turned to green and trees were laden with fruits.


The news about the arrival of Yogiraj went far around along with the miraculous change over the brown withered garden, now a lushly green meadow with fruit laden trees.


Rani Ishran being devoted to Baba Gorakh Nath had the glimpse of that miracle in her dreams. However, Rani Ishran and Raja Salwan both arrived in the garden to see the miracle and evolve themselves in service of Yogiraj.


Yogees are generally in Samadhi state. Being very impressed with their yogvidya, Raja and Rani waited until the Guru opened his eyes. After that Smadhi state, Yogiraj asked Raja and Rani for their visit. With a deep sigh, Raja told everything was well but only curse was that they don’t have any son.


Guru Ji was quiet for a moment and then radiated that it was not in their to be parents, and as and they will get one but will not be able to contain him. Raja and Rani still engaged themselves in service of Guru. Gurus are kind at heart, and being pleased with them he asked them to arrange a big feast for his disciples with lots of mil puddings.


Raja salwan had the man and means to prepare a lot of rice puddings. He arranged for a lot of milk to be poured into big container to prepare that rice pudding. But as he arranged to do that with milk in container and fire underneath, milk underneath started to change into curd.


Rani Ishran didn’t give up. She had an unshaken faith in her Guru Ji. She brought some Vibhuti from the close by Dhoona and poured it into the containers. The milk changed into its normal form again. Raja and Rani served with delicious rice puddings. Guru Ji was very happy and asked them for boon as a reward. Raja and Rani asked Guru Ji to serve them as a child like their own Guru Ji.


It was an abnormal request, because Yogees would not like to go in a life cycle, but he promised to descent in their family in a way that he would be called their son.


Raja and Rani were told to continue the tradition of Dhoona round the clock with a long Bamboo stick stuck in Dhoona. Raja and Rani were asked not to cut that Bamboo stick. Guru ji left that place but King still look after that Dhoona and Bamboo stick.

Time went by and after 12 years Guru Ji and his disciples, but this time in the guise of male and female acrobats. They were putting up free acrobatic feats and display for the peoples. Many people gathered around and they admired their aerobatic performances. The name and fame of their performance was heard by Raja salwan. He sent an invitation to those acrobats for a performance in his Darbar. They performed a well show. Now raja asked them for a reward. They asked for a Bamboo stick from their garden. The request was granted, but then they cut down the same Bamboo stick which they had planted 12 years ago.


It was another miracle that a 12 year old child came out. Guru Gorakh Nath ji appeared on the scene. That was a time of full moon in month of kartik (November). Guru Ji reminded Raja and Rani for not cutting the Bamboo stick. Raja and Rani begged to be forgiven.


However yogis are kind, they gave that child to Raja and Rani and their promise was fulfilled. However the 12 year old child did not like to go and live with family, but did so according to wish of his Guru. Thus spoke Guru Gorakh Nath to child that he should join Raja salwan in castle, but his guru would try to get him out of family soon.


Raja and Rani were immensely pleased to have a wonderful child in the family and they went back to their castle along with child. Raja called the astrologers to find out more about the child. The prediction was that the child will grow as an extreme devotee to god. He was Named PURAN. Nevertheless Raja should not see him for 12 years as he was born out of Bamboo stick.


Raja made arrangements for his stay outside the castle in a far off place where he was educated by the visits of learned pundits.

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