Yogi Raj Gorakh Nath Ji

Once Guru Mashendar Nath arrived in Dhara Nagri in Bengal Province in the course of his usual journey. in Dhara Nagri lived Pundit Surya Dyal with his beautiful and devoted wife saraswati. Though she was devoted and accomplished in all the household duties , she was depriveds of the motherly pleasure of having a son and therefore that worry was a constant one in her mind . Yogiraj Mashendar Nath knocked at her door for begging her alms.


With a weary mind Saraswati opened the door with some food to give to that Yogiraj. But she kept on looking at the dazzling glow on yogee’s face. it was like a divine grace to saraswati and she begged Yogiraj for his blessings to be blessed with a son .True yogees are very kind at heart & therefore Yogiraj with a  little vibhuti (some powder) to saraswati to be taken with rice pudding at the right time of her period circle, fully accomplished in Yog and sadhna(devotion).


Yogiraj went back to his teela (abode) and saraswati put that Vibhuti aside to taken at right time. But according to a usual woman’s nature Saraswati could not resist the temptation of taking to her next door neighbor woman friend. However Saraswati’s friend was very much against yogees.


She spoke a lot against them and old her that this vibhuti could be some poisoning to kill her. These Yogees are rouges in the guise of monks. Sometimes heir bigger aim is to rape or bulgary.  If people are blessed with some Vibhuti, then no woman would be without child. These fake harmits may be playing with the honor of innocent Ladies. In kalyug these imposters have their day, but the true ones live in remote deep forest huts.


Saraswati’s other friends were totally against this wandering hermits and none of them advised her to take that Vibhuti. Obviously Saraswati was influenced by her friends and she threw that powder in heap of cow dung where the people also threw their rubbish as well.


That deep hole was seen full of  rubbish and cow dung and now had some green stems springing out of the cow dung .Time went by and 12years after Saraswati was still a childless woman .


After a long a period Yogiraj Mashendar Nath once again in his usual wandering knocked at Saraswati’s door begging for alms.


Saraswati recognized that Yogiraj and she became nervous and pale as she opened the door, as she knew that she had disobeyed him. Yogiraj enquired from Saraswati about her son who according to him must be of 12 years now. As soon saraswati raises her hand to give alms to Yogiraj, he pulled his container back and asks her about her son. Nervous and pale Saraswati told Yogiraj that she had thrown that vibhuti in the cow dung heap.


Yogiraj held a deep sigh and then, with a determined resonance in his sound he said, “Hari Narayan Surya Putar comes out of that cow-dung heap, if you are there”. With amazing grace, echoed a sound from the heap, “I am down in the heap and can’t come out because of the weight over my head”.


It was a complete miracle that people heard that human voice. They started digging that heap by removing waste, and then there come out a 12 year old child wrapped up in cow dung.


As the child was nourished by cow dung for 12 long years, he was given the name of Gorakh Nath, as protected by cow dung for 12 years.With tears in his eyes Gorakh Nath stood with some innocent looks in his face. Yogiraj blessed the child to grow as Surya Putar. Whose radiance will spread far and wide?


Tears rolled down from the eyes of Saraswati, as she stood speechless in front of the Yogiraj. Saraswati regretted here fault. However it was too late then, but still Yogiraj comforted Saraswati by saying that it was no in her luck to be mother in her life. Saraswati was also advised by the Yogiraj that fruits of god action are always rewarded, if not in his life than in next life. After that Yogiraj took Gorakh Nath along him to be a part of Nath community.

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