The Story Of Baans Ki Maati

Once Guru Gorakh Nath went for a morning stroll beside a river and there he saw a bamboo core flowing with a river stream. With his divine vision Guru Ji realized that if the bamboo core flowed into a piece of land it would be quaked, and if flew into the air, it would ruin the atmosphere. However Guru Ji collected that and placed it in his Dhoona. With Guru Ji’s grace our Baba Ji emerged out as an incarnation of Baba Gorakh Nath after 12 years from that bamboo core.


The child was handed to raja Salwan who made arrangements for his studies outside the castle, under complete supervision from his senapati veer Singh.


According to the prophecy made by learned teachers, the arrangement was made for the return of Puran to the castle with great pomp and show. Puran however was not happy and pray to God that he should be return back to his Guru.


But all the people around were really happy to see a divine grace on his face Raja and Rani were overjoyed to have a child like that. Everybody was rejoiced on that day. It was a nonstop queue in the castle of people to have a glimpse of that divine Puran. The celebrations went on for long time. Now Puran went to take the blessings of his second mother queen Luna, a mother figure for Puran.


However, Puran set out for a castle of younger queen Luna under the supervision of the senapati. Young and Beautiful queen Luna saw Puran from a distance and was overwhelmed by his charms and looks with the radiant glow on his face. As soon as Puran entered the doorway she slammed the door shut and as boy touched her feet to take her blessings she pulled him towards her body, saying that she belonged to her heart. Puran insisted that she is her mother. Rani spoke to her “Do I look a mother to you in my youth? You are handsome and sweet and if you will marry me she will get the king killed and he will be made king”.


The advances of Rani Luna were totally disgusting to Puran. He looked at Rani Luna, as a mother figure. He rejected all here advances and wanted to run away from that situation. Rani Luna warned Puran of her ruthless side and told him, “if you turn down my proposal I will get your hands and feet cut and you will be thrown in a deserted well.”


Puran was not lured by the good looks of Rani and to get out of the situation he jumped out of the window to return to main house. Now Rani Luna showed her ruthless side and she became vindictive. She dressed herself in Black garments, scattered her hair around her shoulders, wiped away all her make up, took off her jewellery and with a few scratch marks on her face, she went into a lonely sulking room. Raja as usual made a visit into her castle and found Luna lying on the floor in that self-created area.


As soon as Raja saw his Beloved queen in that state, he was irritated and yelled out. “Who has written his own death warrant”, I would imprison him for life or get his hands and feet chopped into deserted well.” As soon as Luna realized that Raja was in his trap, Rani spoke out, “Puran tried to molest her and for that reason he closed the door. When she screamed to save her life he jumped out of window and ran away.” Raja didn’t want to hear any body else and he yelled out that an unworthy son like Puran, he would get his hands and feet chopped off and would be thrown into deserted well.


Raja had a very restless and sleepless night and next morning when Puran approached to see raja’s blessings, he shouted, “you have committed a heinous crime of molesting your mother and that crime has a death sentence.” Puran didn’t like to argue with his father to justify his position and instead he replied, “I would be glad to obey my father even if I have to lose my life.” Nonetheless the Raja ignored this humble request and sent him to jail.


For veer Singh this was too much. He talked to Raja about the truth behind the scene but Raja ignored him too and sent him also to jail beside Puran. It was announced that both of them would be hanged the following day. As Rani Luna heard this. She therefore sent her private messenger to Puran to accept his proposal but Puran ignored that again.


Puran tore the letter and told the messenger that Rani Luna will be his mother only and nothing else. Next morning Raja made the announcement that Puran will be handed over to the executioners to cut his hands and feet and put his body into the deserted village well.


Hearing the news Rani Ishran became unconscious with unending streams of tears, she asked Raja to verify the truth but king ignored her proposal. Raja    ordered the executioners that they would be risking their own lives f they don’t do the work.


As and when they put that child with amazing grace on the block, they realized that they could not do this dreadful act. Their inner mind was telling that the Puran was innocent. They also thought of running away from that scene and leave that city.


The two executioners took the child to well and he put himself on the stone mounded of the wall. The Executioners did not have the heart to wield the axe to chop off his hand and cut his body. Now Puran remembered his Guru ji and water of the well rose up. Then he helped the Executioners to cut his body.


The Executioners thought that Puran would die with this. However when they unfolded their eyes they saw a smile on face of Puran. They don’t have courage to throw Puran in well. Puran once again remembered his Guru Ji and dragged himself into the water. When Puran stood on the top level of water level gradually fall down.


The Executioners brought back the hands and feet of Puran and handed it to Raja who further gave it to Rani Luna. However Rani Luna asked the executioners that whether the Puran was crying while they cut his hands then they replied in NO. They said that Puran was smiling and was happy that he had obeyed his father. She was also told of the rose level of water.


Luna became very regretful of her evil mind. She gave that body parts to Rani Ishran, who wrapped them in the cloth to save them in a box. The gravity of this cruel act spread far and wide and everybody realized that king had done wrong. Commander veer Singh heard that news and wrote to king about the truth in the story. But that was too late. Wise people thought that Raja was cruel and he was made under Rani Luna.


However, Puran having gone down to the bottom of well was in the state of Smadhi concentrating his thoughts on Guru Gorakh Nath. Guru Gorakh Nath learnt all about the incident with his Yog power, and he sat out with his disciples towards that well. The party set near the well.


As they settled in the forest for that evening, Guru Ji sent one of her disciple Rattan Pal to fetch some water from the well. As Rattan pal lowered down his container with a rope, Puran hold the rope tightly with his teeth. Realizing a heavy load was on the other end, Rattan Pal peeped into the well. He saw a human shadow and cried for help, understanding that it could be a ghost. He let the rope go and went back in the breathless state to Guru.


Rattan Pal insisted the presence of ghost in the well and asked Guruji to come along to have a look of that mystical soul. Guruji walked down towards the well, and when on the mound, he peeped down into the well to look that human shadow. Guruji asked, “Who are you, and why are you holding the rope?” Puran was sure that voice of his Guruji and he left the grip of his teeth on the rope. In a very humble voice he replied, “my name is Puran, Raja salwan had my hands and feet chopped off and I was thrown into the well.”


Guru Gorakh Nath ji with his Yog Shakti called for a string from Bhairon Nath Temple and he lowered that soft string into the well. He also called his hands and feet from the box where Rani Ishran had put them, and put hem back to Purans body and told him to come up with the soft string. If there were truth in his story he would be able to make it. Puran came up slowly and Guru gave him the name of SAHAJ NATH


Rani Ishran was virtually blind now as she cried so much over the cruelty towards Puran, and as she discovers the disappearance of hands and feet from the box she went in the state of coma. It was a miracle when Puran come out and Guruji was overwhelmed with that divine grace on his face. Puran said that he wanted a life of detachment and not in the family ties. Guruji accepted the plea made by Puran and allowed him to join them.


In his Teela, Puran’s head was shaved and his ears were pierced by Kapil Peer and wooden rings were put in his ears. His body was smeared with Dhoona ash and Puran was given name “BABA SEHAJ NATH” a disciple of Gorakh Nath.

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