The Final Ordeal

Once again Guru Gorakh Nath sent Baba Sahaj Nath to a neighboring village to collect some alms. Out and about in that neighboring village, Baba Sahaj Nath knocked at the door of Rani Sundaran. She was rather against Yogees. The gatekeeper made Baba Ji aware of the fact, that some Yogees before him had been treated with contempt by Rani Sundaran.


However, Sahaj Nath knocked at the door with his begging bowl to collect some alms. Rani sent her maidservant to give some alms. Baba ji didn’t accept alms. The maid reported back to Rani, that an extremely beautiful Yogi at the door refused to take the alms, as he would lie to take that from he owner of the house. Rani looking out of the window was stuck with charming glow of Baba Ji. She came out with bowl of precious diamonds and pearls to give as alms. With those pearls and diamond in his begging bowl, Sahaj Nath returned to Guru Ji and presented the bowl as it was. Guru Ji didn’t accepted that and told Sahaj Nath to return them back to Rani. In obedience to his reverend Guru, Sahaj Nath returned that to Rani but this time he asked for food.


Having seen that with amazing charm and grace on his face, Rani was totally lost in her lustful desire to trap that Yogi into her love nest. Addressing that yogi with full courage, she asked him, who he was and what was his name, as he looked like a prince of a state. With all his humility the yogi replied, he was Baba Sahaj Nath, son of Raja Salwan and Rani Ishran. Rani Sundaran was quite abrupt and proposed that she would like to marry him and by virtue of that marriage he would be Raja of that state and she would be his Princess. Sahaj Nath according to his humble nature replied that he was yogi and he can’t do that. He also said that he only wanted food or he was moving from that place. However Rani Sundaran would not let him go like that.


She asked “How many Yogees are in the teela?” Sahaj nath replied “1lakh yogees, 2lakh Bhogees and 3lakh DHUAN HARI.” Sahaj nath gave an evasive answer by saying that there were many of them. However, Rani Sundaran was quite determined in her resolve, she put up a Langar at Dhoona. Guru Gorakh Nath was in Smadhi state. But Langar sewa continued until Gorakh Nath opened his eyes from meditation. He saw Rani Sundaran sitting in front, guru ji asked Rani for the reason of Langar sewa. Rani blessed for the hand of Sahaj Nath. Having understood the gravity of that situation, Guru Ji told Sahaj Nath to go along with Rani Sundaran. Guru Ji had in his mind, for this to be a final ordeal for Baba Sahaj Nath. Not in a position to disobey his Guru Ji, Sahaj Nath accompanied Rani Sundaran to his castle. As and when they arrived near the door of castle, Rani asked Sahaj Nath to move in. But Sahaj Nath refused to do that and said that he can’t move in with that yogees outfit. They waited outside in garden to work out a solution. The night was up.


Rani thought that in the dark, she would lure him into hide and seek. Thus eventually he would move into the house. Sahaj nath could read her mind with his yog-vidya. Sahaj nath pretended to answer the call of nature and for that he moved into the garden, but he return to the Teela of his Guru Ji. Rani set out a good search to find Sahaj Nath. Having lost all the hope she uttered these words with a desperate mind.





Which meant that a woman would never set up a mind love yogees. They move out with some excuse never to return again. With these words on her tongue , she got out on the roof of her castle and committed suicide by jumping n the grand Dhoona.

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