Meeting With Parents

During his spiritual journey Baba ji arrived in the Teela, of his Guru Ji. After his regards to Guru Ji he settled himself in a Smadhi state beside his Guru Ji. In about 6 months time, Guru Ji asked his disciples if anyone wanted to go about and out for certain reasons. Sahaj nath requested humbly to his Guru Ji that he had stigma in his life, however, untrue it was, but he wanted to clear it off with his parents and for that reason he would seek his guru Ji’s permission to be allowed to do so. Guru Ji allowed Sahaj Nath with his usual good advice that we should always look for mother figure in ladies.


Baba Ji set out for Sialkot and then settled in the same woodland where his Guru Ji had arrived in past. A Dhoona fire was started and with that the grass turned green. The old age blind gardener was blessed with the sight. The gardener was overjoyed with the gift of eyes. Moving around he saw Baba Ji, in a Smadhi state. After paying his regard to Baba Ji, he sat out with a basket full of fruits to give this good news to Raja of that state.


When the gardener presented the Basket full of fruits to Raja Salwan in court his courtiers were amazed to see that virtually blind gardener of the woodlands, walking with an amazing grace on his face. Raja proceeded to ask the gardener about the miracle. Then the gardener gave the good news of that mystic yogi, whose visit changed the whole condition. Above al he was blessed with eyes and as he was walking around he paid his regard to that yogi Baba by touching feet of him and then came to court to convey that good news. Listening that, Raja went on the roof top and he could see that dry woodland patch now looks like a green meadow. The gardener thought that it could be the same yogi, who had made this magical transformation 12 years ago.


However, Raja presented that basket of fruits to Rani Luna. She wanted to know more about this beautiful gift. The gardener once again insisted that it could be the same YogiRaj, who had performed this magical transformation 12 years. No wonder Raja and Rani set out towards woodland to seek the blessings of that YogiRaj, as they had a constant worry for the lack of heir for their state. As Puran saw Raja and Rani walking towards him, he got up with respect and greeted his parents with folded hands and asked them about the reason of their visit. Raja told him about his worry that they had no heir for their state. Raja was soon interrupted by Baba ji “Rajan you are telling lies about not having son. You had a son named Puran, what happened to him? Raja stopped for a while and then continued “Yes, Nath Ji I had a son Puran who tried to molest Rani Luna and I punished him having his hands and feet chopped and thrown into deserted well.


Then Nath Ji was addressing to Rani Luna that if she wanted to have son then he had to tell the truth. Rani was in a dilemma, as if she admitted guilt, Raja would kill her and if she lied she would not have son. However she picked up the courage to say the truth and told everything that Puran was innocent and it was only her evil mind. The outrageous Raja pulled out his sword to kill Luna straight away, because of her lustful and wicked mind. Baba Ji advised Raja to cool down, as his Dhoona was a place of peace. He then fulfilled his promise of a son to them by saying that they will be blessed with a son. Whom they would call Rasalu he will be kind hearted and noble, But he will leave you after 12 years and you will also suffer like Rani Ishran who was suffering in the absence of his son Puran and after that their would be nobody to remember their lineage.


The Gardner sitting close by heard the true story of Rani Luna and her wicked mind. He went away to spread that news like a wild fire. Rani Ishran was virtually blind now after that tragic story of Puran, and she also heard the true story of Rani Luna and moved towards that garden with the help of his stick. Nath Ji saw from a distance that his Mother was coming and moved to touch their feet. Weakened old Ishran who could hardly see recognized his son by his voice and said that he had the same humility and innocence in his voice. Sahaj Nath sprinkled some water over Ishran’s eyes and she was blessed with the sight. Being able to see him now, she recognized Puran. She was absolutely sure that he was Puran, because he had the same radiant glow his eyes as his son Puran.


It was a moment of immense pleasure for Rani Ishran to recognize her son 12 years after. Nath Ji assured Rani the he was her old Puran. Tears of joy were flowing on Rani’s eyes with unbelievable pleasure, as she had got her son. Raja and Rani Luna were ashamed and regretful. They felt to his feet for mercy. Raja made a plea to Puran to Return home and take the management of state. Nath Ji replied, “I have already gone through that experience and now he would like to continue the path that he had adopted”. Nobody could deviate Nath Ji from their Path. Regretful Raja and Rani Luna returned to their state. The emotional cry of Rani Luna could not change the path of Nath Ji.


After sometime as usual Baba Ji, knocked at the door of Rani Ishran in the course of begging alms. She was very moved by the fact that one who deserved to be the head of the state was begging for alms in a bowl, with his body smeared with ashes. However Rani made an emotional plea to her son that he should be around him in the final moment of her life. Nath Ji promised to be around but made an earnest desire not to be tied with any family and state duties, as would deviate him from his course of Meditation. Sahaj Nath blessed all the people of Sialkot and moved towards the village BADWAL near SAMBHA.


He settled for his Dhoona Smadhi near the well where some ladies were drawing water from the well. Nath ji requested for some milk to continue with his Smadhi ritual. A woman was abrupt and she said, “We are CHARAKS and we have no belief in yogees. However there is a Brahmin called Jiyo who lives with his wife lakshmi. She lives beside a PEEPAL tree and this path goes straight towards their house. She will gave you milk.” Baba ji realized that she was trying to put him off, but he went to set up his Dhoona Smadhi near Lakshmi’s house. When Baba Ji asked for milk, lakshmi replied, “There his hardly any grain to eat, absolutely no mil to drink. There is a young cow outside the house but she never produces any milk for family.” Lakshmi was unable to provide any milk to Baba Ji.


However Baba ji collected some dry woods to sat their Dhoona fire and soon set up a miracle. The old age PEEPAL tree was blooming with lush green leaves, with his yog Smadhi. Lakshmi peeped out of the window and had the glimpse of Baba Ji beside a Dhoona fire; she had also seen the miracle of Peepal tree tossing with green leaves, which a minute before was yellow ands dried. In her mind she thought that this yogi could also turn their Days. Baba Ji knocked at the door and asked Lakshmi to come out for meditation beside that Dhoona. Lakshmi expressed her inability by saying that b/w her husband and her, they share only one Dhoti (Body Cover) and now her husband being out, she was unable to come out. As and when her husband would return after begging alms she would be in a position to come out.


Baba ji threw a piece of cloth (PARNA) and asked Lakshmi to wrap around her body. However it was too small for Lakshmi. However, Baba ji told her to remember Guru Gorakh Nath Ji in her mind and the piece of cloth stretched long to cover the body of lakshmi. She had nothing in her house to gave to Baba ji in his begging bowl. There were some grains stuck with that manual grinding core ‘CHAKKI’, she took the left over and put it in Baba Ji’s begging container. It was a big surprise for Lakshmi that they turned into pearls and diamond. Baba Ji pointed out that he wants Milk not pearls.


Lakshmi was stuck again with the problem of milk and the lack of it in the house, as the young cow outside never matured to be a mother. The evening was not too far off, and in the village generally the cows returned home after grazing in fields. Baba ji asked lakshmi about the direction the cows would return from the woods. As directed, Baba Ji stood in their way and guided them towards the house of lakshmi. He also changed the colors of the cows to change their identity. Lakshmi was told to blow the milk of cows. There was enough milk for Baba Ji and there was plenty left over. “What shall I do with rest?” Asked lakshmi. She was told to put the remainder in that Dhoona’s fire. Lakshmi did so. Even now people can see white Vibhuti in Badwal Dhoona.


Baba ji asked Lakshmi to close her eyes, a beautiful castle was seen at the sight of her cottage. In her utmost pleasure Lakshmi fell over the feet of Baba ji. Jiyo returned home with lots of alms, and he was completely astonished but happy to see a beautiful house at the place of their house. He asked children playing nearby about his house, they assured Jiyo that it was his own house and this all was happened by the grace of Yogi Baba.


There is a Vibrant story about KAPIL PEER. He made up a story about Baba Ji and complained to Gorakh Nath Ji that his disciple was a kind of servant in the village of Badwal. It was also alleged that Sahaj Nath seemed to have dissociated himself from the Nath community, as Kapil Peer had seen Baba ji grazing the cows in wood land. Being a Yogi himself, Kapil Peer was known for his Yog Shakti. During the encounter with Baba Ji, he soon lost his temper in the woodland where Sahaj Nath was grazing the cows. With the abusive language used by Kapil Peer and his Disciples, the cows went in fury and started charging Kapil Peer and his companions. Kapil Peer feels down and after staggering to get up, he showed his Yog Shakti. He shook his Blanket, and these dropping bits of the blanket changed into lions to charge at the cows of that herd.


Baba Sahaj Nath was already aware of that attack and therefore he cursed all those lions to turn into bats, to remain stuck with the trees. Now in a final attack from Kapil Peer became a lion and started charging at the Sahaj Nath. The powerful Lion was difficult to stop and to do that Baba ji changed himself into a Wall. Normally a wall stays at one place, but this was an unusual wall. It could stop the lion and charge him as well.


There started a fight. The lion could not jump the wall and that Wall was charging the lion, which then started running towards the Teela of Baba Gorakh Nath. Now Kapil peer and Baba Sahaj Nath stopped that fight of run and chase, as and when they were premises of the Teela of Gorakh Nath. Sahaj nath respectfully touched the feet of his Guru.

Guru Ji knew about the truth with his inward eyes, but they wanted to listen the truth from Baba Ji, if he was servant of Jiyo Brahmin. Sahaj Nath as usual explained with all his humility, that Jiyo Brahmin was like his Godfather who never asked him to do anything for him. On the other hand he had stayed in that house with his will, where lakshmi was his Godmother. Guru Gorakh Nath was immensely pleased with the reply. He blessed Sahaj Nath all the more, as he had passed another ordeal in the course of his life.

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