Bawa Sehaj Nath Ji In Jhandi

Like other holy seers, Baba ji liked to move around. In his usual travel Baba Sahaj Nath arrived at Jhandi where he realized that it was a spiritual abode of Maharishi jamadgani. Baba ji found it very sacred for meditation and therefore he settled there foe his devotion to God. As customary with Naths he collected some dried woods and cow dung to set up a Dhoona.


As and when smoke rose up from that dried cow dung, the brown leaves n the tree turned green and trees get laden with fruits. A woodcutter cutting dried woods, and parrot on the tree watched this, it was nothing short then a miracle for them. The woodcutter carried this news to Raja of Jhandi.


Raja Blawar and Rani Chameli of Jhandi was a childless couple and therefore they were worried for an heir of their KINGDOM. Impressed by the mystical transformation in the woods, Rani Chameli arrived at the scene along with her friends to pay respect to that Yogi. She bowed to the feet of that divine SOUL. However, Baba Ji asked about the reason of her visit and she told him that as a childless woman she worried that the raja had no Heir for the state.


After listening Rani Chameli and her problems Baba ji advised her to go back to castle and then return with her husband. Rani pointed out that her husband doesn’t show faith in Nath community. However she said that she will insist her husband for the visit. Rani went home towards the evening and was still not sure about how to convince her husband for a visit. She was virtually a sleepless in night. However Raja, who was fast asleep, woke up in mysterious dream where he saw 2 boys playing beside him. But this was contrary to the predictions made by his astrologers and therefore raja went back to sleep again. Now Raja had seen the glimpse of Guru Gorakh Nath Ji around Jhandi, and in that dream raja and Rani engaged themselves in service of their Guruji. Still in the dream they sought for blessing of child from Guruji. Guruji in the dream blessed them with a 2 sons; pleased by this Raja went to sleep.


As and when Raja woke up he was looking for his sons. Finding nothing around he became confused, and then he called his wife and told her story of his dream. Rani Chameli sensed the time was right for her to convince her husband to visit and seek blessings of Baba Sahaj Nath. Raja and Rani set out for the blessings of Baba ji. Raja reminded himself of the predictions that he was not likely to have son for 7 generations, but still they moved along with faith. They arrived barefooted in that woodland and seeing Yogiraj in Samadhi state they engaged themselves in service of Dhoona by collecting some dried wood and cow dung. By doing so they reinforced that fire until Baba Ji opened his eyes.


Out of his Smadhi state Baba ji asked, “Raja how is everything in the state and what can I do for you?” after touching the feet of Baba Ji, raja continued to say that everything was well, people were happy and prosperous but he had a constant worry that he had no son. Baba Ji listened to King carefully and then they went to state of Meditation with his eyes closed. With the Yog Shakti they realized that Raja was not likely to have son for 7 generations.


Shocked and shaken, Raja and Rani fell on the feet of Yogiraj, where they had arrived with full faith. Raja and Rani went pale and faded. Their faces were blank for the lack of hope in the future. Yogees are kind at heart; therefore Baba ji told Raja and Rani that to find solution of their problem he would have to go back to the teela to find answer from his Guruji. They were also told to remain in service of Dhoona until he arrived back.


Baba ji left that place with his Yog Shakti. Raja and Rani engaged themselves in service of that Dhoona and made sure that they never left it unattended. Days went by and Baba Ji was not back yet. Winds blew sometimes with a great force, but they made sure that Dhoona was kept alive. It was a real tough job. When Nath ji arrived in the teela of his Guru he found them in the state of Samadhi. Subsequently Nath ji had to wait for a long time until his Guru would come out of that meditation. Waiting for along time faith of Raja Blawar’s faith began to shake. He was worried about his kingdom. But Rani had unshaken faith and therefore she insisted to carry on the service to Dhoona. She declared that if Nath would not return she would consume her body in the Dhoona fire.


Guru Gorakh Nath had a divine vision of this entire scene. He come out from his Smadhi state and spoke out that something inauspicious was going to be happen and that Sahaj Nath needed to be found. In his usual humble voice, Sahaj Nath Ji replied that he too was I Smadhi state. However, Guruji asked about the visit of Sahaj nath ji and then Sahaj nath ji told about the sad predicament of Raja Blawar. Guruji went back in meditation and found that raja was not going to have son for 7 Generations. Sahaj nath ji thought about Rani Chameli’s deep rooted faith and raja Blawar’s trust, therefore he made a strong plea to Guruji for solution.


Kind hearted Guruji worked out for possibility of a son for raja Blawar and for that Sahaj nath ji had to donate his 12 years of meditation at Kandahar Mountain. This was just for   one son. But Sahaj nath had promised for a second son also in dream. Then Guruji told that the blessing for son is not easy. Raja should made arrangement to dig 101 wells and to donate 101 cows. They should have to leave their state and led a life of common people. Sahaj nath ji returned in just 12 years, when Rani Chameli was about to jump in Dhoona along with her husband as they thought that nath will not come.


Baba ji gave them the good news for two sons, but told them they had to dug 101 wells and donate 101 cows to poor and also that they have to renounce their state and live in another state, to make a change in their castle identity. Raja and Rani were too desperate to have 2 sons that they agreed to do that. However, Raja and Rani returned to their state and he visited learned people, for the ceremonial performance of such a large ritual. The learned pundits agreed but they told that they can’t take donation of cows, as raja was childless and to receive a donation from childless family person is inauspicious. Raja was upset to hear but still he went to pundits of kashi, they too expressed the same view.


Raja became very upset and he informed his wife that conditions laid down by Nath can’t be fulfilled. Rani decided to go to Nath for finding the solution along with her husband. As and when Raja and Rani approached Baba Ji near his Dhoona, they bowed down respectfully to his feet and told them that constructions of well was over. After a pooja ritual, they told him about the problems of learned people refusing of donation of 101 cows from a childless couple. They asked for a solution.


After his usual meditate state, Baba ji worked out for a solution that he would get this ritual by accomplished by a novice yogi Peer. However to help them further, Baba Ji told them in the village Karol Mathriyan tehsil Heera Nagar, there new yogee named Alyas and that they would take him along to accomplish the auspicious ritual. Alyas Peer accompanied Raja and Rani from his village ‘MATHRIYAN’ to a visit to Baba ji asked him if he knew about the ritual pooja of Bawli and Dhoona along with the Raj-Path mantra. Alyas was accomplished in all this ceremonies, but he too presents the same problem of accepting donation from childless family. But Baba Ji deviated his fear by saying that if he accepted alms from the people, then he may change the pearls and diamond of donation the real money by spending them on Langar for the poor. He also gave blessing to Alyas Peer by saying that he would be blessed with 3 sons as and when Raja and Rani will have their sons.


Baba ji also promised Alyas Peer that descendants of Raja would look after his descendants. After the achievement of all donation ceremonies with full rituals. Raja and Rani left their state and changed their caste identity to be known as JANDIALS. He left that Jhandi area and settled in the Punjab in the village of Bani Lodhi near Sundar Chak, Tehsil Pathankot. A shopkeeper Lalo Mahajan adopted Rani Chameli as his daughter. He also performed a favorable pooja ceremony after the construction of a Bawli for the poor. Blawar and Chameli were wedded again with full ritual. Even today this Bawli is known as Bhua Ki Bawli


After that they were blessed with 2 sons. They were called GOKARAN and SOMKARAN. They were called JANDIAL MAHAJAN.

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