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Jandials community Celebrate twice a year on Guru Purnima and worship Puran Bhagat. The temple of Baba Sahaj Nath Ji is located in Pakistan, but after partition, the Jandials constructed a temple in Taragarh near Dinanagar, another is Jandi mandir near Heeranagar, Jammu and a third one in Dorangla. Jandial families who came from Pakistan bought that temple's sand and used it to construct a small temple in Taragarh. People from all over India come here on Guru Purnima and blessed by baba ji. In this Website you will get information related to story of baba sehaj nath, origin of Jandial or Mahajan Community, different temples (Devsthans) of Bawa Sahaj Nath Ji like Agra, Jammu, and Udhampur (J&K). Jandial community celebrates and worships Baba Sehaj Nath ji twice a year on Budh Purnima and Kartik Purnima.

Temple Of Jammu

Temple Of Jammu

Devsthan Baba Sahaj Nath Ji Talab Tillo Jammu is situated around 5 Kms from Bus Stand Jammu. The entire temple complex is spread on 40 Kanals of Land which comprises temple of Baba Sahaj Nath Ji, Temple of Guru Gorkh Nath Ji, Langar Hall, Community Hall, Employee quarters and Parks.

Temple Of Taragarh

Temple Of Taragarh

Devsthan Taragarh Located in District Pathankot and about 7 Km from Dinanagar and about 25 Km from Pathankot. This Holy Place comprises Temple of Bawa ji, Gorakh Tilla, Temple of Durga, Shiv and Hanuman ji, A Big Hall, Number Of rooms. Rooms are available for night stay and all facilities are provided for your stay.

Temple Of Jandi

Temple Of Jandi

Jandi Devsthan hold a special status as Baba ji found it very sacred for meditation and therefore he settled there for his devotion to God. At this place Raja Blawar and Rani Chameli of Jandi engaged themselves in service of that Dhoona and made sure that they never left it unattended.

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Thanks for visiting this site. I dedicate this site to Bawa ji from my whole family.
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This Holy temple is located in Taragarh. A place in District Pathankot and 7 km from Dinanagar.
You can reach here by bus or any of your convenience. There is complete facility for stay in night.

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I have very good experience in temple during my visit. Very cooperative environment. I feel very happy to see the temple.

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